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Postmodernisms/ Gender


Postmodernisms/Gender: Narratives of Gender, Place and Culture


Lecturer: Professor C Stobie (OMB 121)
Offered: Second semester only
4 seminars per week
30 places
OMB 26

The identities of place are always unfixed, contested, and multiple.
Doreen Massey

Narratives provide shape and meaning to our understanding of our selves as differently gendered, embodied individuals. Our responses to place and culture help to shape our identities, both individual and collective.

This module examines a variety of contemporary narratives—novels, short stories, poems and films—which handle cultural crises in specific contexts, and the implications of these crises for individuals. The module investigates the ways in which gender and sexuality are represented in these texts, and how “home” and concentric rings of belonging are spatially depicted. The imaginative engagement with other places, times, homes and worlds provides a basis for re-evaluating our position in our own local environment in a context of globalization.

A combination of take-home assignments (essays and exercises), oral presentations and controlled assessment (in-class tests and writing, a final examination).

Prescribed texts

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Purple Hibiscus
Harper Perennial
Cormac McCarthy
The Road
Shani Mootoo Cereus Blooms at Night
Phaswane Mpe Welcome to Our Hillbrow
UKZN Press
Supplementary material will be provided and the costs added to the course fee.

Who is this course for?
This course is for students who enjoy entering imaginatively into challenging narratives of other lives and places, the better to answer existential questions with more vision and depth.

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