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Overview of African Literature


Canonical/Period Studies:


Lecturer: Professor M Malaba (OMB 133)
Offered: Second semester only
3 seminars per week
30 places
OMB (To be confirmed)
The aim of this course is to provide a survey of some of the key writers that have shaped the growth of African literature, with a principal focus on Southern African texts. Thematic issues that will be discussed include the use and abuse of power; national and domestic politics; race relations in colonial / post-colonial contexts; the roles of education in Africa and the development of African identities.

A combination of take-home assignments (essays and exercises) and controlled assessment (in-class tests) will comprise the class mark of 50% and a final three-hour examination will comprise the remaining 50% of the marks for this course.

Prescribed texts

S. Plaatje Mhudi Heinemann
C. Achebe
A Man of the People
S. Lee
The Story of Maha
G. Slovo
Red Dust Virago
Z. Wicomb Playing in the Light    Heinnemann
A.J. Chennells, ed.    Voices of this Land    Van Schaik

Who is this course for?
This course is for students who are interested in the trail blazing texts that helped shape the growth of African literature, particularly in the southern African region (South Africa and Zimbabwe). Students who wish to study African literature at postgraduate levels are encouraged to take this course

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