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English 101


Introduction to English Studies A

(EngL101 p1)

Co-ordinator: Mr B Marais (OMB 120)
Offered: First semester only
Format: 2 lectures and a double tutorial per week
Enrolment: Open
Venues: Lectures – Ronald MacMillan Lecture Theatre
Tutorials – to be announced


This course introduces you to textual analysis and to major literary forms: drama, poetry and the novel. You will have the opportunity to read a range of interesting texts from different periods and places, and you will study the ways in which different genres create meaning. You will also learn how to engage with critical material on the texts you study, and how to develop and express your own critical opinions. Tutorials will allow you to discuss the issues raised in the course in smaller groups, and will also help you to improve your academic writing. The skills taught in this course – the ability to read closely, to extract and synthesise key arguments from critical material, and to construct a coherent argument of your own – will benefit you in every area of your tertiary study.


Assessment consists of controlled assessment (in-class tests and writing, a final examination).

Prescribed texts

Wole Soyinka
Death and the King’s Horseman
Chinua Achebe No Longer at Ease     Heinemann
A poetry reader will be produced by English Studies and the costs added to the course fee.

Who is this module for?

This is an introductory module specifically designed for entry-level students, including those who may not necessarily wish to major in English literature.

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